Digital Dental X-rays


You might remember those tiny, little X-rays the dentist would take of your teeth. Well, those days are gone. As with everything else in our modern world, X-rays have gone digital, and it’s a big improvement over the traditional X-ray technology.

Dr. Amy Shoumer likes to stay up-to-date with all the latest technology. Digital imaging allows her to see your teeth, roots, and jaw alignment more accurately with the least radiation exposure possible. That means big benefits for you!

How Do Digital X-Rays Work?

With digital dental X-rays, sensors are used instead of the traditional X-ray film. This produces sharper images that can be viewed, stored, and shared more easily. They also last longer than traditional X-rays do.

Digital X-rays also need less time, which means you are exposed to radiation for a shorter amount of time. It’s also possible to take multiple exposures without having to reposition the sensor. That makes everything easier for both the staff and the patient.

Because the X-rays are digital, they can easily be stored on a computer or external drive without damage over time. Moreover, with a click of the mouse, Dr. Shoumer can transmit an image electronically should you need to see a specialist or if you just want to have a copy of your records.

What Are the Health Benefits of Digital X-Rays?

Because of the ease with which Dr. Shoumer can take digital X-rays and the sharper images produced, she can diagnose disease more quickly and more accurately. This allows Dr. Shoumer to provide her patients with the highest level of diagnostic care and treatment.

With digital dental X-rays, there is virtually no waiting time to find out what kind of treatment you might need. The process is also more comfortable because you won’t have to go through a lengthy process of biting on that uncomfortable film holder to get your X-ray taken.

That shorter exposure time also means you’ll be exposed to less radiation. In fact, digital X-rays reduce your radiation exposure by up to 90%! That means less risk of radiation sickness, skin burns, or an increased risk of cancer, and that’s why Dr. Shoumer chooses to use digital dental X-rays in her Bryn Mawr office over traditional methods.

We care about you, your teeth, and your overall health! Dr. Shoumer and her professional staff are in this business to keep you healthy and happy.  Contact our office in Bryn Mawr today for an appointment to keep your smile shining bright!