Professional Teeth Whitening


Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so it’s natural to want your teeth to look their best. Unfortunately, even if you take wonderful care of your teeth, many things can still cause your teeth to become discolored. Thankfully, we can help restore your smile. Dr. Amy Shoumer offers safe, effective professional teeth whitening right here in Bryn Mawr.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Tooth discoloration is a common problem. Some factors, like tobacco use and poor dental hygiene, can be controlled, while others, like genetics and trauma, cannot. Here are some of the things that could be contributing to your tooth discoloration:

If your tooth discoloration is caused by lifestyle choices like smoking, drinking too much coffee or wine, or not brushing and flossing often enough, it’s a good idea to make some changes. Your teeth-whitening results will last longer, and you’ll be healthier, too!

Why Shouldn’t I Just Buy a Teeth-Whitening Kit?

While there are some safe and effective teeth-whitening kits on the market, if you don’t work under the guidance of your dentist, you may not choose products that are safe for you. For example, if you have receding gums or abfraction lesions, you may need to have your teeth professionally whitened to avoid damage. Plus, some products may interact with restorations
like fillings and crowns.

In addition to potentially damaging your teeth with over-the-counter whitening products, you won’t get the same results that you would from professional teeth whitening. Taking the time to have a conversation with your dentist about your desire to whiten your teeth will help you avoid products that may be dangerous or ineffective.

What Options Are Available for Teeth Whitening in Bryn Mawr?

There are a variety of teeth-whitening treatments available, for both professional and home use. Always discuss teeth whitening with us before beginning treatment. We can help you choose an approach that is safe for you, even if you decide to go with a home teeth whitening option.

One of our favorite teeth-whitening solutions is Phillips Zoom Light-Activated Gel, which we offer here in our Bryn Mawr office. Our experienced staff will apply the gel to your teeth and then use the Whitening LED Accelerator to set the teeth-whitening process in motion. The gel is very effective in dissolving stains and helping with overall coloration.

In fact, with this solution, your teeth can become up to eight shades lighter in only an hour! If you can set aside 60-90 minutes for this in-office only procedure, you’ll be able to walk out with a noticeably brighter smile the same day!

We also offer many other whitening treatments and can recommend at home and on-the-go teeth whitening options, too. Take some time to discuss your needs and budget with us at your next appointment, and we’ll help you find a teeth-whitening solution that fits.

Ready to whiten your teeth now? Contact us today to get started.