If you find yourself waking in the night with jaw pain, tooth pain, headaches, or earaches, grinding and clenching your teeth while you sleep could be the reason. This condition is called bruxism. Over the long term, bruxism isn’t just painful; it can actually damage your teeth! Thankfully, Dr. Shoumer can prescribe a custom-made dental night guard to ease your symptoms and protect your teeth.

Here are some warning signs that you may have bruxism and how wearing a custom-made dental night guard can help.

Signs of Bruxism
Some people aren’t aware that they grind or clench their teeth at night, which is why it’s important to learn the symptoms of bruxism. If you experience any of the below signs and symptoms, schedule an appointment with Dr. Shoumer to discuss your concerns.
What Causes Bruxism?
Bruxism can be caused by a variety of factors, so it’s important that you also let your medical provider know that you are clenching or grinding your teeth at night. That way, any underlying conditions can be treated. Here are several conditions that can cause bruxism:
Custom-Made Night Guards

There are many over-the-counter night guards available for purchase, but they are not fitted to your unique mouth. And even over-the-counter night guards that require you to boil them and bite down to make an impression or which require you to mail dental impressions to them may not fit properly. Worse, over-the-counter night guards can present serious dangers to your health, including tissue damage, changes in the way your teeth fit together, and even choking! That’s why it’s imperative that you only use a night guard that is prescribed by your dentist.

If you are diagnosed with bruxism, Dr. Shoumer will prescribe a custom-made dental night guard that perfectly fits your mouth. First, she’ll take an accurate impression of your teeth so the dental night guard can be professionally made. Then, your night guard will be made to fit either your upper or lower arch. Finally, once your night guard is ready, she’ll check the fit to ensure it’s accurate and won’t move as you sleep.

Your custom-made night guard will prevent your teeth from rubbing together, so you’ll get better sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, without the tooth pain you may have previously experienced. Remember, though, that any night guard is subject to wear and tear caused by your bruxism. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your follow-up appointments. Dr. Shoumer will continue to monitor your condition and will prescribe a new dental night guard when yours becomes too worn.

Do you suspect that you may be suffering from bruxism? Don’t wait until complications arise. Schedule an appointment at Dr. Shoumer’s Bryn Mawr office today.